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Project Profile: Manitoba Hydro Highlights Innovation
August 07, 2008 | Green Build Bulletin
"In May, Jerry Yudelson had a chance to tour the new Manitoba Hydro headquarters in Winnipeg, (still under construction, occupancy expected in the fall of 2008), and he was impressed. This 22-story, 700,000-sq.ft. building, located in one of the most extreme climates of North America, looks poised to redefine what’s possible in large office buildings.

Designed by KPMB Architects of Toronto, with Smith Carter Architects (Toronto/Winnipeg), the building expects to reduce energy use by 60 percent compared with Canada’s Model National Energy Code, using a variety of innovative energy-efficiency strategies, including a 22-story “thermal chimney” (to promote natural ventilation) and an innovative strategy for humidifying the building in winter and dehumidifying it in summer. Transsolar of Stuttgart, Germany, provided the climate engineering design." (Green Build Bulletin, August 2008)

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