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Sustainable Design
The philosophy of sustainability at KPMB is a philosophy of integrated architecture in which beauty, energy efficiency and environmental responsiveness are equally calibrated.

Since it was founded in 1987, KPMB has consciously developed attitudes to structure, technique, skin, ventilation, and materials with a focus on permanence and enduring value as signature criteria for sustainable, green design. Our vision is that people will feel healthy, inspired, and energized in our buildings, and be able to, over time, re-inhabit, re-invent, and re-imagine the existing structure.

This attitude to sustainable design goes as far back as Woodsworth College (1991) at the University of Toronto, which introduced a convertible cloister to respond to seasonal climate changes. Other watershed projects include the Jackson-Triggs Niagara Estate Winery (2001) which continues to be lauded for proving that "a building can be architecturally ambitious while being a real [energy] performer.” Manitoba Hydro Place (2009), a world class office tower in downtown Winnipeg, will exceed its original 65%+ energy savings target. This project is both a benchmark in large-scale, energy efficient architecture as well as in KPMB’s evolution to the next generation of passive energy peformance design. Among many of its projects, the firm is also currently working on a private residence which will be a showcase for elegant, sustainable and affordable green building.

To negotiate the increasingly complex nature of the contemporary building industry and aspirations for architectural excellence, innovation, sustainable design, energy efficiency and cost effectiveness, the firm has evolved its signature commitment to collaboration to engage in more formal integrated design processes.

Our philosophy of sustainability is rooted in a commitment to enriching the fabric of our cities and creating supportive, flexible platforms on which our institutions can thrive long term. Ultimately, we believe the greatest investment of sustainable design is for the future health, vitality of the human experience.