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Ourtopias: cities and the role of design

Bruce Kuwabara
August 2008 | Riverside Architectural Press p.g 7-20

"What is 'Ourtopia'? Ourtopia is situated between an unatainable utopia and a dystopian future. Ourtopia is attainable through the transformation of the ideal into the real with a plurality of thought and action. It implies a vision of a city as open and in constant transformation for the better."

"Ourtopia produces opportunities to cultivate and display the power of imagination and creativity. Toronto's Cultural Renaissance was triggered by the Federal Provincial Infrastructure funding program initially referred to as the Cultural Superbuild. Its working premise was that refurbishment and expansion of our cultural institutions would increase cultural tourism. Toronto had lost bids for the Olympic Games, and was soon to be hit by the SARS outbreak of 2003. Our governments - municipal, provincial, and federal - finally acknowledged the importance of art and culture to both the quality of life and the economic well-being of the city."

The complete essay is available in the book "Ourtopias: cities and the role of design"