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Harvard Design Magazine

Anja Thierfelder Matthias Schuler
Summer 2009 | Harvard University Graduate School of Design p.g 50-59

In Situ: Site Specificity in Sustainable Architecture

In this article, Anja Thierfelder and Matthias Schuler look at the role that place plays in the creation of meaningful architecture. They use the idea of genius loci or "the spirit of a place" as a stepping-off point for the examination of a variety of case studies, including Manitoba Hydro Place. The article aims at answering a number of questions including: What potentials do the site and its surroundings hold? How can they be used to the advantage of the building project in the most creative and effective ways?

Download the PDF below to view the Manitoba Hydro Place case study. For the complete article, please see the Summer 2009 issue of Harvard Design Magazine.


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