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Toronto's Soulpepper Theatre embraces new business model
February 10, 2011 | J. KELLY NESTRUCK | Globe and Mail

Toronto's Soulpepper theatre embraces new business model

From Saturday's Globe and Mail

"For its 2011 season, the non-profit company will schedule its production lineup based on audience demand, but will it mean more bums in seats

What's the biggest economic problem with the way non-profit theatres operate in North America? The inflexibility of inventory.

Soulpepper Theatre Company artistic director Albert Schultz thinks he has the fix, however.

Over the past 12 years, Schultz and his colleagues have built the classical company up from a two-play summer season to a year-round operation with its own Toronto venue. For its 2011 season it's upping its productions to a whopping 17 from last year's 12.

But Schultz expects its production costs will only increase by about 14 per cent.

How is that possible? According to Schultz, it's because the company is no longer using the North American model to manage its inventory."

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