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Newly renovated Museum of Nature opens
May 21, 2010 | Christopher Hume | Toronto Star

"OTTAWA—Canada’s newest national museum is also its oldest. Built in 1910, the stately Victoria Memorial Museum is now the Canadian Museum of Nature (

...Now, after a $140-million remake led by Ottawa heritage architect Barry Padolsky, Toronto-based Kuwabara Payne McKenna Blumberg and Gagnon, Letellier, Cyr Architects, the stately structure has been given new life. Indeed, what has emerged is a marvellous mix of past and present, a rare instance where the two not only coexist peacefully but also enhance one another.

...The new facility manages to combine the earlier notion of the building as an object and the modern idea of the building as a series of spaces. That makes the museum as rewarding a place to be as it is to see."

Text by Christopher Hume

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