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PLEA 2009

June 2009 | Les Presses de L'Université Laval 551-56

Architecture, Energy and the Occupant's Perspective

Bruce Kuwabara was a keynote speaker at the 26th International Conference on Passive and Low Energy Architecture (PLEA) which took place in Quebec City, Canada, on June 22-24, 2009. He presented as a member of the Manitoba Hydro Place IDP team.

"Manitoba Hydro Place: Integrated design process exemplar

Abstract: Manitoba Hydro Place (2004-2009) will be presented as a model for extreme climate responsive design and a case study for the Integrated Design Process (IDP). Lead participants - design architect, Bruce Kuwabara of KPMB Architects, climate engineer Thomas Auer of Transsolar ClimateEngineering, client represented by Tom Gouldsborough, and IDP Team Director, Glen Klym of Smith Carter Architects and Engineers, will demonstrate the IDP was integral to balancing energy performance goals against objectives of signature architecture, urban revitalization, and supportive workplace to achieve a daunting 60%+ energy reduction for a 64,650 m2 building in a climate that fluctuates from -35ºC to +40ºC annually."

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