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A peek inside the renewed Canadian Museum of Nature
January 06, 2010 | Maria Cook | Ottawa Citizen

"After five years, the renovation of the Canadian Museum of Nature on McLeod Street in Centretown is almost finished.

The grand re-opening will take place in May.

The first thing that visitors will encounter is the new lantern.

Outside, the sleek glass structure completes the original design by taking on the volume of the tower which was to stand there.

Inside, it becomes a dramatic light-filled circulation hall and at night, it will glow.

The original architect David Ewart would perhaps enjoy this contemporary addition, as the entry was from the beginning to embody the idea of enlightenment through knowledge.

The original stone tower was taken down when it began to sink into the soft soils of the site.

Ewart might also enjoy the fact that the glass wall is suspended from above, keeping loads off the base which remains from the original tower."

Maria Cook, Ottawa Citizen, January 6, 2010

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