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Building Magazine: Architecture and Urbanism

Bruce Kuwabara
April/May 2008 | p.g 20-21

Architecture and Urbanism

"In this distillation of his three-day Teetzel Lectureship series, architect Bruce Kuwabara of Toronto-based KPMB Architects emphasizes the power of architecture to shape culture, society, and the environment for a healthy and civil future, and argues that architects need to be leaders in city building in ways that exceed any role played in the past"

Architecture and Urbanism by Bruce Kuwabara

"The city is a collective artifact - every building was once contemporary, every building implies a city. City building is a cultural process and architecture must paradoxically be both transformative and enduring to ensure the sustainability of societies and cities. The individual acts of making a building ideally must be conceived to participate in a collective effort to form the public realm of the city and support all levels of work, creativity and urban life. Architecture must be positioned responsively between landscape and urbanism, and responsibly between issues of cost, environmental performance and design excellence" 

The complete article is available in the April/May 2008 issue of Building Magazine.