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Torys goes avant-garde in renovated Toronto office
October 03, 2007 | Globe and Mail
Torys LLP Office receives great review in October 3rd 2007 issue of the Globe and Mail:

"Torys LLP has taken deal room ambience to a new and edgy high with the opening this week of its renovated offices in the Toronto-Dominion Centre.

Under the sharp eye of partner and modern art collector Richard Balfour and Kuwabara Payne McKenna Blumberg Architects, Torys has created a breathtaking new floor of offices that could easily pass for an art gallery.

Most major law firms are serious art collectors, but what distinguishes Torys' approach is the avant-garde Canadian photographs it has purchased which feature everything from garbage bags to abandoned quarries.

The centrepiece of the new look are custom-designed dividers that roll down from the ceiling to break giant meeting rooms into smaller salons. The firm hired two Canadian photographers, Pascal Grandmaison and Robert Fones, to overlay photographic images on the dividers. When clients wrestle with their issues, in some of Torys' rooms they will find themselves surrounded by wall-sized photographs by Mr. Grandmaison of a young woman leaning her head against the firm's office window. On a good day, clients will see her as contemplative. On bad days, she may be the image of frustration.

If the modern art is too overwhelming for Torys' older clients, the firm has thoughtfully designed a separate meeting room, named after its senior deal maker, Jim Baillie, which features Haida art and classic Canadian oil paintings."